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In principle, there is no need to talk about them for a long time. Suffice it to say that in less than two years you will forget about your sex life forever. Herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction can and often should be used, but only a doctor should prescribe them after finding out the causes of your disease.

As such, there are no complications of erectile dysfunction itself

Probably the most terrible outcome is the complete loss of the ability to have sexual intercourse, which can develop as a result of a long time without any treatment. We mean those forms when even taking Viagra does not cause any therapeutic effect. As already mentioned, preventing erectile dysfunction is much easier than curing it. This is what a man should be guided by at a young age. It is extremely important to remember about all the consequences that an improper lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse, passive sex life, sanania with masturbation and the presence of chronic diseases.

Erectile dysfunction: what is the problem and how to get rid of it?

Among the many sexual problems that men can experience, erectile dysfunction is one of the most common. It can develop as early as 30-40 years. However, thanks to the development of oral therapy, the methods of diagnosis and treatment of this disease have evolved a lot. Next, we will look at the causes of these types of problems and how to treat them. We will also touch on ways to prevent this disease.

The diagnosis often sounded like a sentence

However, this term has recently become rarely used in the international medical literature. There are several reasons for this. For a long time it was reprehensible and not entirely accurate and highly generalizing. Practically, it was always put in cases when the patient complained of a decrease in the duration of sexual intercourse or a decrease (absence) of sexual desire.

At the moment, this is considered as an erectile dysfunction, and is not directly associated with ejaculation, that is, a man's ability to perform ejaculation. In many patients, an erection is still present, but it is not enough for normal intercourse. Impotence is just its extreme degree. It is divided into two types. Primary - when a good erection has never been, and secondary - when the erection has been weakened over time. If there are no diseases and factors that cause this dysfunction, a normal erection can be at 60 and 70 years old.

In a normal state, sexual intercourse in men consists of several stages


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